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Land Use Planning & Management

Prestine Properties is a professional real estate advisory firm that is solely operated and managed. The business has a vast experience in property and land matters for periods spanning over 10 years. Prestine Properties has built internal capacity in key real estate functions and human resources critical in ensuring delivery of professional services and offering solutions to any emerging land and property related challenges.

Land Use Planning and Management

Land availability and accessibility are two different sides of a coin. Land is still an “available” resource however “access” to ownership is often a dilemma and struggle for most individuals and organisations though, traditionally it is a Government role and results are expected to be otherwise.

Prestine Properties finds its niche in being able to facilitate land/property acquisition services for our Client(s) by giving them our best human resource network to cater for their land and property needs from Government, Public and Private Stakeholders.

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Real Estate Market Research, Land Title Application, Property Appraisals , Real Estate Professional Advice , Land Title Search, Valuations, Consultation , Project Management, Market Survey , Monitoring & Evaluation, Relocation, and Sales & Marketing